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Valentine's Day Ideas!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

I can't believe that it's already time for hearts and flowers and spreading the love!  I keep thinking that Christmas was yesterday instead of weeks ago so I was resisting decorating for Valentine's Day until I finally realized: we're only a month away!
*cue the balloons*
Looking for some great ideas to start your Valentine shopping for your funny, romantic, quirky, meaningful, sweet, unique, cute, geeky or nerdy Valentine?  Shop the Valentine's Collection Here!  
  • Have a guy who's impossible to shop for?  Make him laugh with some Poo~Pourri and a copy of Don't Fart when You Snuggle!

  • Want something small to give to a group of girlfriends?  Heart Birthstone Necklaces are my go-to gift.

  • Need a gift for your favorite nerd?  Surprise them with Vader's Little Princess or Darth Vader and Son.

  • Want to add some sparkle to their life?  Try a Crystal Heart Shimmer or Oh My Gosh Josh crystal Heart creation.
All of these great gifts (and more, of course) can be found in the Valentine's Collection so take a look and see what strikes your fancy!  You may find you need to treat yourself while you're at it!

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!  :)