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Albert Einstein - Little Thinker Doll

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Here we were thinking that this was just an adorable snuggly physicist doll, but then we learned it's so much more!

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild explains ...

The results of our 25-year study are finally in. Over two decades ago, we took a pair of newborn, identical twins and separated them. We gave Twin A a standard teddy bear to play with in his crib. For Twin B, however, we handed him an Einstein Little Thinker to cuddle up to. We tracked these two unsuspecting children as they grew up. Twin A got only fair grades in school and attended a plumbing trade school. Twin B, though, excelled in his studies and attended Harvard's elite Kennedy School of Government. (Today, Twin A earns twice as much as Twin B as a licensed plumber, but that's besides the point.) This amazing study has proven, once and for all, that surrounding your child with intellectual toys can have a profound and astounding influence. We encourage you to try this experiment on your own with our Einstein Little Thinker.

This adorable plush is dressed in his nerdy sweater and trousers. If you are dissatisfied with the results, just return the product 25 years after date of purchase for store credit.

Every 11” Little Thinker doll is distinctively dressed and wields a biographical tag with essential dates, acts, and a personal quote.

These plush companions are just as inspiring as they are cuddly because Little Thinkers are characters with character.