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Beak to Beak

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Animal: Lovebirds

Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Made In: England

Status: Retired

Carving Date: 1995

Release Date: 12/1/1995

Retirement Date: 12/1/1997

Edition Size: 12422

Dimensions (Inches): 2.2 x 1.61 x 2.24


Secrets:  Created as a Valentine’s Day piece for 1996, this piece features two lovebirds nestled cozily on a bench. Even Peter’s signature mouse has a mate for the holiday. Inscribed on the bench is “PC loves AR” (Peter Calvesbert and Andrea Riley), “MP loves CP” (Martin and Corinna Perry), “RM loves MH” (Ruth McDonald and Mike Horne, two close friends of Peter’s), “BC loves FL” (Peter’s brother and his girlfriend), and the anonymous “Trace loves…” with a series of initials for her string of lovers. The piece also contains a slew of other lovers: amorous hedgehogs, snakes, mice, and even a lonely little rabbit. “I love SA“ refers to South Africa, where Peter and Andrea honeymooned in October 1995. “MUFC” stands for Manchester United Football Club. “HK Rules” refers to Harmony Kingdom and “Noel” for Noel Wiggins. Peter’s obsession with the Mazda MX5 (“MXV”) sports car is compared to the then new MGF he wanted. Carved on the back of the bench is “Sticky + Tonkin P.I.P.” which immortalises Ruth and Mike’s pets who both tragically died on the same day. “P.I.P.” means “play in peace.” The two cans reflect Peter’s concern about littering. Inside is the HBC logo. Some pieces have 1995 on the back of the bench while most have 1996. Hallmarks include apple, clock face with month 11, HBC logo, and Pc.