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Bon Enfant - 1996 Angel

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Artist: David Lawrence

Collection Name: Timed Editions

Subset Name: Holiday

Made In: England

Status: Timed

Carving Date: 1996

Release Date: 4/1/1996

Retirement Date: 12/1/1996

Edition Size: 8825

Dimensions (Inches): 3.15 x 1.38 x 1.61


Secrets:  Bon Enfant is the 1996 holiday angel box figurine. There are three variations. Colouration on the first version of approximately 500 pieces includes an orange tunic, green wings, yellow hair, and gold applied to the tips of the wings and cuffs. The interior is empty. In the second version the tunic is green, the hair yellow, cuffs gold, and wings painted with gold, yellow, red, and green. The interior has a pillow with a heart and arrow. The third version has an uncoloured tunic, gold cuffs and wings, with pink on the lips and cheeks, with the same interior as the second version. The acorn is sometimes present at the angel’s feet in the second and third versions. Hallmarks include diamond, clock face with month 2, HBC logo, and DL.