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Fang Roly Poly

Fang Roly Poly

$ 25.00

The US and Canadian versions include an oak leaf inscribed on the interiors, while in the UK a sprig of ivy appears carved on the insides. The Hallowfest Roly Polys are limited to a worldwide edition of 5751, with 5001 in the US and Canada. There are 575 Hard Bodies world wide. One set of Hallowfest Roly Polys is inlaid with gemstones and hand painted by Artistic Director Martin Perry.

The Roly Polys from Harmony Kingdom were first introduced in June of 2000 and carved by Adam Binder. Each is named in homage to celebrities known for living larger than life, both in character and in stature. Each Roly Poly measures approximately 1-2" around. Made of crushed marble and resin, the rotund figurines look and feel like antique ivory.