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Glory Days

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Animal: Cats

Artist:  Peter Calvesbert

Made In:  England

Status:  Fixed Edition

Carving Date:  2009

Release Date:  3/9/2009

In Store Date:  3/23/2009

Edition Size:  500

Dimensions (Inches):  2.5 x 2.25 x 2.25

S e c r e t s:  A quintet of cats makes a footstool home in "Glory Days", a fixed edition of 500 by Peter Calvesbert. This box figurine was suggested by "V.C.", who wishes to remain anonymous but gets a nod on the lid. If the bribe is large enough, Peter says he may spill the beans on the mysterious identity. Also on the lid is the inscription "B.O. 44", which should be obvious! Peter’s mum, a cat lover who turned 80 in 2008, also receives mention. The interior portrays an "ex-mouse". We wonder just how many mice there would be in the world if not for cats.