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Coup d'etat

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Collection Name: Black Box Series
Animal: Geese
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England
Status: Limited Editions
Edition Size: 1000
Carving Date: 2008
Release Date: 6/3/2008
In Store Date: 8/25/2008
Dimensions (Inches): 2.75 x 2 x 2.75

S e c r e t s:
The 2008 Black Box, “Coup d'etat”, examines the production of foie gras, a well-known French delicacy. Foie Gras means “Fat Liver”, an apt name as ducks and geese are force fed corn mash until their livers are up to ten times their normal size. In typical Black Box fashion, the tables are turned. Five ducks take revenge by force feeding Master Carver Peter Calvesbert. One of the sacks of corn is labelled “Liverburst” (a play on the name of the German sausage). This can be the unfortunate consequence of force feeding. France consumes 80% of the world’s foie gras, thus the inscription “France” and “80” on the lid. Upon the base are names of countries that have prohibited its production, and “Arny 2012” refers to Mr. Schwarzenegger and his intention to ban foie gras in California by that year. The interior shows a goose working out. Evidently, he is worried about the weight he’s putting on.