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Leatherneck's Ball

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Animal: Lizards
Artist: Monique Baldwin
Made In: England
Status: Fixed Edition
Carving Date:    2005
Release Date:    6/1/2005
In Store Date:    8/15/2005
Edition Size:    1000
Dimensions (Inches): 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.8

S e c r e t s:
Lizards and U.S. Marines share more than a moniker in common (Marines used to wear leather collared uniforms during the Revolutionary War; hence the name). Lizards move in a variety of ways, depending on body structure and habitat. Some can run quickly on well-developed hind legs, others are good swimmers, and a number climb trees. The Marine Corps serves as a versatile combat element, adapted to a wide variety of operations. Lizards may be burrowing or land-dwelling, some live in trees and others live partly in water. Marines are trained and equipped to carry out integrated land, air, and sea operations. Lizards exhibit a wide range of defense mechanisms. Many change color in response to their environment. The camouflage pattern on Marine unforms is suitable for "every clime and place," and effective for blending into many environments. The Marine Corps is also known for having a few defense mechanisms of their own.