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The Main Event

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Animal: Badgers
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England
Status: Fixed Editions
Edition Size: 500
Carving Date: 2007
Release Date: 10/1/2007
In Store Date: 2/20/2008
Dimensions (Inches): 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.25

S e c r e t s:
The Eurasian badger, Meles Meles, is a mammal indigenous to most of Europe and to many parts of Asia. It is particularly abundant in Britain. Master Carver Peter Calvesbert says, “Maybe it is the solitude, but a large part of my crepuscular life has been spent watching these creatures.” Inscribed on the lid are “Hic...Hic…Hic….Hic…Hic”. These remind Peter of the first time he took his daughter Millie to see some badgers. He had stressed the importance of being very quiet, when she developed what seemed to be the loudest hiccups possible. Needless to say, no badgers were seen that evening. The interior portrays Peter, hidden in a bush, binoculars to hand, as a badger emerges from its sett.