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Wishful Thinking

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The inspiration for this box figurine was Traddles, the Perry’s pet tortoise. Here, Titan the tortoise celebrates his 150th birthday. The mouse peeks out above the “Good Luck Son” card. When the lid is removed, the interior cavity is shaped like a bassinet. Could the birthday turtle be planning a family? At the time that Peter was carving this piece, the space probe, Cassini, was launched on a scientific mission to Saturn. It uses the gravity of planets to propel itself towards its final destination going from planet to planet, hence the inscription inside the first edition, VVEJGA, meaning Venus, Earth, Jupiter Gravity Assisted. Version 1 also has the date and time that the space probe will reach Saturn – 8:30 July 1 2004. Inside Version 2 are a pair of running shoes. The interior lid is inscribed with the name of the astronomer who discovered Saturn’s largest moon Titan in 1655. Other variations include a screw, a partial screw, or a cigarette lighter under the table. Hallmarks include ©, heart, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.

Artist:    Peter Calvesbert
Made In:    England
Status:    Retired
Carving Date:    1997
Release Date:    1/1/1998
Retirement Date:    9/1/1999
Edition Size:    17170
Dimensions (Inches):    1.65 x 2.36 x 2.91