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Kit and Caboodle

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Secrets: Fourteen kittens are packed into a basket like sardines. Their expressions show what they think about this situation. The signature mouse is hidden on top of a kitten's head; or should that be under the top kitten's bottom? Inside the Version 1, a horde of mice are packed in even tighter than sardines. The Version Infinity interior features a smug cat with room to move, relaxing in luxury.

Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Treasure Jest

Subset Name: Small Treasure Jest

Made In: England

Status: Retired

Carving Date: 2001

Release Date: 5/25/2001

In Store Date: 8/1/2001

Retirement Date: 10/23/2003

Edition Size: 7281

Dimensions (Inches): 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.25