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Mutton Chops

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Royal Watch Collector's Club

Subset Name: Club Gift

Exclusive To: 1998 Members Only

Made In: England

Status: Timed

Carving Date: 1996

Release Date: 1/1/1998

Retirement Date: 12/1/1998

Edition Size: 26,028

Dimensions (Inches): 2.05 x 1.81 x 2.28


Secrets: Based on the Aesop Fable of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this box figurine features two placid sheep and a hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing. This gift piece, contained within membership kits, was available exclusively to 1998 club members. The mouse is tucked in the lamb’s wool on the wolf’s back. Inside are two lamb chops. “TYLS” stands for “Thank You Lynn Stryck,” the collector who suggested the idea to Peter. Hallmarks include ©, diamond, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.