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Paws for Thought

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Open Edition Treasure Jest

Pete took his inspiration for this piece from a funny song he found on You Tube about a cat's 9 lives. On this box figurine, the cat is contemplating how many lives he has lost and how. Pete's unique humour is evident in this piece and there are some interesting facts and figures behind the carving. Accompanying this piece is a beautiful cat pendant.

A note from Harmony Kingdom:  

Paws For Thought comes complete with a Tiny Treasure angel cat. However, you may have noticed the tiny cat is not inside the box but is packaged up on the outside!

Pete has asked me to apologise and please let your collectors know that a slight misjudgement on the part of the artist himself means the cat doesn't fit properly inside Paws for Thought.
It does, however, mean the lovely little cat can be on display all the time next to its 'parent' Treasure Jest!
Pete is hanging his head in shame!!
Thank you for your understanding!

Peter and Andrea