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Andrew Johnson

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Interior: Needle & Thread - Nicknamed the Tennessee Tailor due to his prior occupation, the only president who quilted and made his own clothes.

Andrew Johnson Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 17th

Years President: 1865-1869

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Main Contender: N/A (became president after Lincoln’s assassination)

State Represented: Tennessee

Birthday: December 29, 1808

Place of Birth: Raleigh, North Carolina

Higher Education: Had no schooling (his wife taught him to read)

Prior Occupations: tailor, mayor, congressman, senator, governor, vice president

Nickname: Tennessee Tailor, Grim Presence, Sir Veto

Height: 5’ 10”

Favorite Food: chicken pilaf, roast duck, fish, jam, sweet potatoes, popcorn

Hobbies: checkers, watching amateur baseball, growing vegetables, attending the circus

Pets: white mice (Johnson left flour out at night for mice playing in his room during his dark days of impeachment)

Legacy:  One month after Lincoln’s second inauguration, Johnson became president. This was a critical time, with the Civil War just ending. Johnson was a southerner at heart. He wanted to do everything he could to help the south and to be lenient on Confederate leaders. Northerners in Congress opposed Johnson, and Johnson in turn began to veto many of their bills. Congress felt he was abusing his powers, so the House voted to impeach him. However, he was acquitted of charges by one vote necessary for the 2/3 majority in the Senate, and he completed the remainder of his term. During Johnson's presidency, the US purchased Alaska

Trivia: Never attended a day of school; sold by his impoverished parents and apprenticed to a tailor at age 14; made his own clothes throughout his life; only president who knew how to quilt; first of two presidents to be impeached; only ex-president to later serve as a senator.