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Chester A Arthur

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Interior: Dress Slacks - "Chester Arthur was sophisticated in dress and manner. Only after the White House was redecorated would he move in, along with over 80 pairs of dress slacks!"

Chester Arthur Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 21st
Years President: 1881-1885
Party Affiliation: Republican
Main Contenders: None (As Vice President, succeeded to presidency upon assassination of James Garfield; not nominated to represent his party in subsequent election of 1884)
State Represented: None (hadn’t held elected office)
Birthday: October 5, 1829
Place of Birth: Fairfield, Vermont
Higher Education: Union College
Prior Occupations: Teacher, Principal, Lawyer, Collector of the Port of New York, Vice-President
Nickname: “Dude President”, “The Gentleman Boss”, “Elegant Arthur”
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
Favorite Food: Mutton chops, roast beef, Rhode Island eels
Hobbies: Fishing, billiards
Pets: None
Legacy: At the start of his presidency, many expected the former spoilsman to be a political puppet. However, the nation’s highest office brought out his best. He backed and signed the Pendleton Civil Service Act. This act prohibited salary kickbacks from public employees as well as their firing for political reasons. It also established a bipartisan Civil Service Commission, which administered competitive examinations for Federal jobs. Arthur also ordered the U.S. Attorney General to prosecute a series of fraud cases in the Post Office Department which included many of Arthur’s friends and associates. He advocated tariff reform and appointed a commission to examine the issue of high tariffs. His administration is credited with the modernization of the American Navy and establishing the Greenwich Meridian and international standardized time, which are both recognized today.
Trivia: First president to take oath of office in his home. Made no inaugural address. First president to have his citizenship challenged (many believed he was born in Canada).  Before moving into White House, he insisted it be redecorated and had 24 wagonloads of furniture hauled off and sold at public auction. The pieces included some dating back to John Adams’ term and would be priceless today. Did not have a Vice President.  Wife died before he became president so his younger sister served as official hostess. Interested in fashion (had over 80 pairs of dress slacks and changed them several times a day). An avid fisherman (reported to have caught an 80 lb. bass). A night owl (rare for him to be in bed before 2am).