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John Tyler

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Interior: Baby - President with the most children - 15 from 2 wives!

John Tyler Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 10th

Years President: 1841- 1845

Party Affiliation: Democrat and Whig

Main Contender: N/A (became president after Harrison’s death)

State Represented: Virginia

Birthday: March 29, 1790

Place of Birth: Charles City County, VA

Higher Education: College of William and Mary

Prior Occupations: soldier, lawyer, congressman, governor, senator, vice president

Nickname: His Accidency, Accidental President

Height: 6’ 0”

Favorite Food: dessert puddings

Hobbies: playing violin, reading and dancing

Pets: Le Beau, a greyhound; The General, a horse; a pair of wolfhounds; Johnny Ty, a canary

Tyler was a strong proponent of states’ rights, causing more friction between north and south. He signed the Log Cabin Bill which gave settlers the right to claim land before it was for sale and then buy it later for $1.25 an acre. This helped westward expansion. He signed a tariff bill that protected northern manufacturers. The Webster-Ashburton Treaty helped end a border dispute with the Canadian colonies along the Maine border. His favorite accomplishment was the 1845 annexation of Texas. During his term, Florida was admitted as the 27th state.

Trivia: First VP to become president due to death of predecessor; after becoming president, never appointed a vice president; first to have wife die while in office; first to be married in office; president with the most children (15 from two wives); known for hosting energetic parties which included the previously forbidden polka; had a library of over 1200 books, with Shakespeare being his favorite; first president to have his veto overridden by Congress; first president to have security protecting him (4 men guarded White House doors).