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William Henry Harrison

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Interior: 100 Min - "William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural speech in history, lasting 100 minutes. Taking place during a cold March rain, Harrison caught pneumonia and died a month later."

William Henry Harrison Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 9th
Years President: 1841
Party Affiliation: Whig
Main Contenders: Martin Van Buren
State Represented: Ohio
Birthday: February 9, 1773
Place of Birth: Charles City County, Virginia
Higher Education: Hampden-Sydney College
Prior Occupations: Territorial Governor of Indiana and Illinois, Major General, Secretary of Northwest Territory, Territorial Delegate to Congress, US Congressman, US Senator, Minister to Colombia
Nickname: “Old Tippecanoe”, “Old Tip”
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Favorite Food: Hard Cider
Hobbies:  Walking, horseback riding, reading the bible
Pets: Billy goat, Durham cow, dog named Dask
Legacy: William Henry Harrison was the first Whig to enter office and the first President to die in office. Because his presidency was so short and he believed that Congress should be the dominant policymaker, it is impossible to assess its probable course. His significance in presidential history lies in the innovative campaign techniques designed by his party. His resume and image were altered to fit what the public wanted. Harrison's handlers made a common man out of a Virginia aristocrat. Harrison did not create a Whig dynasty. After his death, his running mate, former Democrat John Tyler, alienated the Whigs and returned to his former party. Only Zachary Taylor would be elected by the Whigs, and Millard Fillmore would succeed him in office. By 1854, the party was absorbed into the Republican Party.
Trivia: Father was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Grandson was Benjamin Harrison, who became the 23rd President (only president to have grandson become president). First and only president who studied to become a doctor. First president from Whig Party. First candidate to stump personally. His was the first campaign slogan: “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too.” Gave longest inaugural speech - 1 hour and 40 minutes. Speech was in cold March rain. Caught pneumonia and died a month later. First president to die in office. Served the shortest time of any American President—only thirty-two days. Had ten children – the most of any president from a single marriage.