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Road Kill's Revenge

Road Kill's Revenge

$ 75.00


Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Black Box Series

Subset Name: Limited Editions

Made In: England

Carving Date: 2001

Release Date: 2/28/2001

In Store Date: 6/1/2001

Edition Size: 5000


Dimensions (Inches): 2.5 x 4 x 3.25



Two years ago Harmony Kingdom’s “Road Kill” commemorated the sheer numbers of wildlife slaughtered on the roads of Britain. It is apparent, though, that the woodland creatures of North America are every bit as abysmal at crossing a busy road as their British counterparts. However, while British animals just accept their fate and say "Sorry, I hope I didn't get too much blood on your tyres," American animals are more likely to shout obscenities and even up the score a little. They’ve "borrowed" a vehicle of their own...the worm has turned. The opossum is acting as lookout and the owl is keeping score with stick figures drawn on the jeep. The white-tailed deer is steering, albeit with his hind feet. A host of others, including a raccoon, fox, porcupine, bear, otter, skunk, rabbit, snake, chipmunk, woodchuck, and weasel are just along for the ride. And yes...that man they have just run over was carrying a white cane and a Braille book. The animals’ excuse is that they have poor eyesight, but that doesn't prevent humans from running them over. Will they get away with it? The interior of the larger compartment shows a mole at the controls, a fitting choice for a driver because of its celebrated short sightedness. Under the bonnet (hood) the surprised expression of the latest target is revealed. Anagrams of some large tyre manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, and Pirelli, adorn the wheels. The signature mouse was on holiday during the carving of this Box Figurine, so his stand-in, a peregrine falcon, can be seen next to the owl. The year “2001” is inscribed under the rabbit’s ear and Peter Calvesbert’s initials are found on the bear’s paw. Some possible baby names (Sam, Milly) are also hidden under the blind man’s hat.