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The Last Laugh

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Treasure Jest

Subset Name: Small Treasure Jest

Made In: England

Status: Retired

Carving Date: 1999

Release Date: 6/1/1999

Retirement Date: 11/1/2003

Edition Size: 13,705

Dimensions (Inches): 2.87 x 2.32 x 3.62

Secrets: You may not be familiar with the odd looking dodo. Perhaps it's because the last sighting of this now extinct species was in 1681, as seen on the gravestone. A passenger pigeon, once one of the most numerous birds on the planet, carves the epitaph. Little does he realise that he too will soon be extinct. “Martha 29 1914” pays homage to the last passenger pigeon that died in the Cincinnati Zoo. “Ireland?” refers to Peter's possible relocation to Ireland and “Felix” commemorates the horse of Peter's wife, Andrea. The tin can and human footprint signify man's role in earth's ecological crisis. Peter’s mouse is nestled in the wing of the pigeon. Inside Version 1, the dodo bluntly tells a cat to go away. Cats and dogs ate dodo eggs and were partly responsible for their extinction. The interior of the Infinity Version contains gravestones of other animals with their dates of extinction. Hallmarks include ©, 99, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.