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Wallet Sleeves - Birds

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Love your wallet? Don't see a style of Armor Wallet™ or that strikes your fancy? No problem, we've got you covered, too!

These brilliant Armor Sleeves fit your credit card, and then fit into your existing wallet! Made from a patented 4-Layer Tear Resistant Material (Fabric and Aluminum), they protect your credit cards from RFID Scanners.

RFID theft is a major concern, which is when a thief can steal all of the information out of your wallet without ever touching you, just by holding an electronic gizmo near you. From what I hear it's more common overseas but starting to be more common in the states.

  • Made from patented tear resistant material
  • Decorative designs for women or men
  • Great gift idea!
  • 6 Sleeves - 2 each of 3 Different Styles in each Package