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Spring is Here!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

It's currently 77º as I write this and supposed to hit 80º before the day is over.  I could gently complain that I'd really prefer we get a little Spring before Summer takes over, it was snowing just over a week ago so I think I'll keep my complaints to myself.  ;)
At home I'm enjoying the Spring flowers, starting to think about working in the garden and preparing for the first mowing of the season.  After what seemed like a long Winter, it's easy to get excited about being out in the yard and having warm weather and sunshine.
I see a lot of my customers are feeling the same way as our Chimes, Crystals, Twisters, Stained Glass and Eycatchers are definitely moving out the door quickly these days.  We all like a nice new shirt or pair of shoes for Spring, I think our homes do, too!
Maybe it's a new crystal for your apartment or condo to celebrate the fact that it's not dark at 3pm anymore.  Maybe it's a new chime or spinner for your porch or yard.  Whatever it is, you're sure to find some inspiring glitz, glamour and sparkle here.  And with all sorts of new goodies from Joan Baker Designs, new shipments of Crystals, Oh My Gosh Josh, Eycatchers and sun-delights of every shape and size, we'd love to help you adorn your surroundings.  After all, you have to live there, shouldn't it make you smile?