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Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Howdy from beautiful Berkeley Springs!


After having many many MANY days of rain, the sun is finally out, and it's so nice to have it back!

I was thinking about the fact that the store will turn 19 this fall, and really, I owe it all to you.  Without such wonderful customers, we wouldn't still be here, so THANK YOU!

We thought about getting some big celebrity to endorse the store ... but, well, first of all, we couldn't really afford that.  

 But more importantly, the biggest celebrity to US, is YOU!

 So, we're asking for your continued support.  Oops, suddenly I'm sounding like a telethon.  Let's fix that quickly, shall we? 

Here's the deal:

We want to send you a $5 store coupon to use for your next order!*

All we're asking is for your recommendation.  Think about the great products you've found in the store, or that we've shipped to you.  Think about the (hopefully) wonderful service we've provided.


Then, write us a review of the store or our products and e-mail it to us. You could even include a picture of our product in it's new home if you feel so inclined! :)


We'd love to use your celebrity to endorse us, because who knows us better than you? We'll use your words/images along with your first name and last initial and where you're from.

For instance:

Thank you for your consistently great
customer service ... You are wonderful
to do business with!

Keep up the great work!

You are one of my favorite businesses to order from.
~ Sandi and Ron K., Denver, CO


Nice, right?


In return, we'll send you a $5

off store coupon to use

on your next order!*

We know you're busy, so if you have a few minutes to give us a recommendation, we'd really appreciate it.  If you wanted to like us on facebook and instagram and recommend us that way, we'd love it too.

And, if you don't have time, that's ok too.

Please know we really do thank you for your patronage!

*Some manufacturer restrictions may apply on certain product.  Sorry!