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First Post

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Once upon a time ... there was a very tired (though beautiful and smart ... and modest) shopkeeper who had been slaving away for months to create a brand new web site for all of her subjects ... er, wonderful fantastic customers.  ;)  She climbed the highest mountains in the land, swam the widest oceans and battled dragons ... or at least that's what it felt like by the time she was done.  She was so excited to unveil the new site she decided to celebrate by sleeping for a week.  (She's currently hiring a staff of seven to tend her while she's sleeping, so if you know of anyone, send them her way.)  Meanwhile, please explore the new web site, enjoy the new functionality, place an order or two, and please let her know if there are any issues or questions ... complaints will be handled by the dragons.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and enjoy!