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21 Sep '15

Harmony Kingdom News!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in Harmony Kingdom, Harmony Kingdom News, Santa

Nick's Nightmare Harmony KingdomIt's always exciting to get a new shipment of Harmony Kingdom.  Sure, the pictures are wonderful, but they don't truly do justice to these mini works of art.  I have so much fun looking at all the detail, then making sure to try and get all the details in every picture.  The 2015 Santa - Nick's Nightmare - arrived last week (I spent the week sick as a dog, so it's taken me a bit to post about it) and it's just as fantastic as every year.  I just have one question, as Indy and I have the same phobia:  Snakes.  Why did it have to be Snakes?

If you're a fan of Harmony Kingdom, you should definitely watch this page, too, as I was just able to place an order of Harmony Kingdom "archive" pieces.  Let's put it this way: I've been selling HK for 18 years, and there are a few pieces that I'm about to see for the first time.  Intrigued?  Me too!  Excited?  ME TOO!  Stay tuned ...  :)