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Happy New Year!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on


So the other day I was on facebook avoiding cleaning and clicked on one of those "Your Word for 2016 is:" things.  My word for 2016 is .... *drumroll please*


Change sucks.  Sorry, I know I sound like a petulant teenager, but it's true!  For years my mother has spouted the platitude "Change is the only Constant."  Thankfully my glares are non-lethal as I'd really be lost without her.  Change may be the only constant (except in vending machines) but it sure isn't easy.  

2015 saw a lot of changes around the store.  We went completely computerized and now do all our sales in store through an app on the iPad.  That also links up to the completely overhauled web site you're reading this on that is desktop/mobile/tablet/whatever's the latest and greatest friendly.  This means that it (hopefully) always has exact stock quantities and makes it easier for you to know what you're ordering and for me to make sure that I'm stocked with what you want to order.  We set up with a new shipping app (gotta love the apps these days, whatever you want to do, there's an app for that!) to make shipping easier for us and hopefully to make it both cheaper and easier for our wonderful customers.  We've said goodbye to product lines as companies closed or changed, and introduced new ones.  We met many new people from around the world that we were able to share our Enchanting Array of gifts with.  We celebrated many occasions, including the 18th Anniversary of Jules Enchanting Gifts.  (Wow, how is that possible?)

I guess my point is, there were a LOT of changes in here in 2015, and I think most of them (while exhausting at times) were pretty good.  Maybe change isn't so bad after all!

... But do I really have to do it all over again?