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Bea's Wees make a Wee Stir for Januar-wee!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

New for Januar-wee: I am very excited to introduce you all to the cutest little faces around, the absolutely adorable Bea's Wees! I've been reduced to cooing and babbling at them since they arrived, thankfully they seem to be taking it well. Love, encouragement, just something to make you smile, there's a Wee for ev-wee-body! And, at a wee $8-$12 (depending on size) they're a great gift ...for others, or for yourself. (Wee won't tell!) The first one left to cheer up a young lady having a bad day before I could even get them priced and I know they're going to be adored.  Take a look and find your favorite, they really are the bee's knees!