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Charles Viancin fixes Everything!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

You may have guessed by now that we just ADORE Charles Viancin and the magnificent products he comes up with.  One of his best inventions is his smallest, these bright, colorful, compact Bottle Stoppers.  Pop one in to a bottle of wine (I hear tell some people have wine leftovers occasionally!  ;) ) or great for use with oil, vinegar, water, etc.  I even had a customer tell me that it's the only thing that works on the imported beer he gets in large bottles, every other bottle stopper pops out from the pressure, but not these.

In the shop I have a wine bottle full of water laying down on a shelf to demonstrate just how well they work.  Every once in a while a customer will try to take the stopper out and I'll have to explain that the wine is long gone, it's just water.

A week or so ago mom called after one of the days she worked, she'd been trying to figure out why there were wet puzzles in the shop in a place away from any windows, faucets or other places that there might be water.  She finally discovered that some enterprising customer had removed the bottle stopper most of the way from the display bottle on the shelf above.  Isn't that nice.

So, the moral of this story is that yes, the Charles Viancin bottle stoppers work very well ... or at least as well as the operator.  ;)