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21 Mar '21

Amazing News!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone
In January I once again made the difficult decision to close to in person shopping. The numbers in our area were up and things just didn't feel safe. I also really needed a hug. From the time the pandemic started, I was doing all of the shopping, I was working in the shop, and that all meant that I could be an exposure risk to my mama, and that wasn't going to happen on *my* watch. So, I closed, and quarantined, and did a bunch of hugging on my mama (who was already quarantined and is now VACCINATED, woohoo!!!) and I watched the world and waited.

Two weeks ago, after talking to the smart people around me, I decided it was time to re-open. And this time, open the entire store, something that hasn't happened in just over a year. So, for two weeks I pulled every part of the shop apart. The Momager helped me seriously deep clean, I built new displays, we re-arranged everything, we had dance parties and danced around the shop to YMCA. (You know, the important parts of a complete store remodel!)

The quote goes: Behind Every Strong Women There's a Tribe of Strong Women who Have Her Back. I'm so very blessed in my life to have a truly amazing tribe.
So thankful to them for the support (and okay, the support of a couple of really awesome men in my life too) and so pleased to say:

We're OPEN, babies!!!