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New Goodies for a New Year!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

One of the very exciting things about January (and sometimes it is HARD to find things to be excited about in January, let me tell you!) is that it's time to start looking at new product.  :)
So back in December I spotted a very cool line on facebook.  I liked it, thought it was interesting, but it was December and I was easily distracted, so after taking a look at their web site, I wandered off.  In early January I was talking to one of my favorite reps (don't tell them, but they're all my favorite!) and asked if he had any suggestions of new lines I should be looking at.  The second name on the list sounded very familiar.  ;)  A few days later I'd been skimming the catalog and thinking about it, when a friend on facebook shared a great image by a great company.  All three of these events had one thing in common: Emily McDowell Studio.
I finally decided the universe was trying to tell me something, so I figured I should probably listen.  Yesterday I placed the first (of what I have a feeling will be many) order for these fantastic Everyday Bravery Enamel Pins by Emily McDowell Studio.
Posting this teaser on facebook has one friend ready to start wearing a jean jacket or perhaps a sash like we did in girl scouts, just so she can wear all of these at once.  (Neither is necessary, you can wear them individually or in multiples on coats, jackets, sweaters, shirts, bags, or anything else, but if you do happen to cover something with the pins, would you please take a picture and share it with us?)  :)
Sure you may not win an Oscar, Nobel, or Grammy, but if you "Chose Hope over Fear" or "Kept Going" even when you didn't feel like it, you deserve to be recognized too.  So do your friends.  With more designs hopefully coming soon, check out the first seven pins from Emily McDowell Studio!