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15 Nov '16

The Fart Book Section ...

Posted by Jules Happy Rone
So, it's not like I ever set out to have a section of farting books. Way back when, I started carrying a book called Farley Farts. People Loved it. "But if you have Farley, why don't you have Walter?" So, I started stocking Walter the Farting Dog. Then I found a great joke book for kids called Monkeyfarts. Suddenly I had a fart book section. *face palm* When I saw this new book in my catalog I was torn. How many fart books are too many fart books? I guess I'll know when I get there, for now I'm very pleased to welcome Don't Fart when You Snuggle - Lessons on How to Make a Human Smile. Out of the box all of 10 minutes and already a copy has left to be a Christmas present. And, that answers the question I'm so often asked. Why do I sell so many fart books? Because people love them and it makes them laugh, and that means I'm doing my job.  ;)