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18 Oct '20

They're Back!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone in Chimes, Wind Chimes

I am so very thrilled to announce that Jules Tones are back in stock! We were sad (but understood) when the wonderful artist who had been cutting glass for us became too busy with her other projects. I had been unable to find a new artist, and then the pandemic hit. We're all learning new things, and the Family of Jules project was learning how to cut, drill and grind the glass for our chimes!  BIG thanks to the Momager and my Uncle, who this wouldn't be happening without.  Today, Over the Rainbow and Wade In The Water (pictured) are ready, with more colors to come! Stop by the shop to see them in person, or order online, and thank you as always for shopping small and supporting my small business for 23 years! ❤️

P.S. these pictures being posted next to each other is the closest I've gotten to anyone without a mask in 7 months! I was alone when I took the picture of me, or I would have been masked too. ☺️

P.P.S. I'll admit it, we staged some of these pictures when I distance visited my mother and uncle to take groceries.  Assume that gloves/glasses/all safety is being observed when we're actually working!