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What an ...interesting Spring it's been!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Hi ya'll!

I hope wherever you are you're enjoying this Spring.  I think Mother Nature may need to check her meds as it's been warm, it's been cold, there's been a lot of rain, and sometimes all of that has been in the same hour!

Elaine and I are hitting the festival circuit - we'll be in Warrenton, VA this Saturday for their Spring Festival, hope to see you there! - and we're having a great time taking our Jules on the road.

For those of you following along at home, the fabulous Momager is thankfully now back at work.  After a fall on the stupid ice in February that resulted in a broken wrist and surgery to fix...

She's back in arm wrestling shape and going strong these days.

So this is why there maaaaaaybe haven't been as many blog posts recently as there should have been.  I'd say things will get better now, but I'd hate to lie in my first blog post in a while.  ;)

Know that even if the blog maybe isn't getting updated as often as I'd like, that we're always here, happy to help in any way we can.  Also, check out our facebook and instagram accounts that I do update a little more often.  lol

Hope you guys are all having a calmer spring than we are, and may you never live in "interesting" times.  :D

Thanks for sticking with us!

~ Jules