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Harmony Kingdom

Once upon a time, in the year 1997, I started working in a little art gallery in my hometown.  In that gallery there was the coolest little line of box figurines from England that I instantly fell in love with, and the line was honestly one of the biggest factors in my deciding to buy the store when the owner was ready to sell.  Here we are 25 years later and this line is still just as cool.  I still have new collectors discover it every day, and have made so many friends through the people who collect these awesome boxes.  Come explore this marvelous Kingdom, I promise you'll be as enchanted as I am!  :)


Harmony Kingdom produces an incredible line of box figurines that combine animals and people you could see anywhere, usually doing things that you would never see them doing. Each is cast out of crushed marble and resin, then hand painted so every piece is different. Each box is so intricate, you would never suspect they come apart to reveal a hidden compartment. The usually harmonious animals are true to life, the flowers so fresh you can smell them, the caricatures are right on the money, and their humorous look at life is right up my ally. Inside most Treasure Jests you will find a hidden surprise: a treasure chest in the crab, a mouse in the cats, a boot inside the dogs. And those are just the more normal ones! You might find any number of things inside others including severed fingers in the parrots and cigars inside the stork. I warn people that once they look at one, they won't be able to stop, and once they buy one they will be hooked. Only once in a very long while am I wrong.

It's not bad being right!

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