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Modgy Luminaries

Modgy Luminaries are such a simple, elegant solution!  These artistic flat containers expand with water to hold candles.  Just drop the led water activated candles into the bag and they come on with a little flicker so they look like real flames.  When you're done using them simply take out the candle, empty, collapse and store until next time!  Add some mood lighting to a garden, patio, deck or bathroom.  Any way you use these great products, you're sure to love their functionality and design.  Plus, they make a fantastic gift!

Modgy Luminaries are designed to be reused.
These products are created from durable, thin layers of PET, PA and LDPE. Our vases and luminaries expand with water. Modgy products are constructed of BPA-free plastic materials, making them expandable, shatterproof and recyclable.