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Once upon a time I had this great line of Coasters called Rugsters™ that people (including me) absolutely loved.  Unfortunately the company that manufactured them decided to stop.  *Le sigh*  But, since so many customers kept asking after them, I went on a search to find something wonderful to replace them.  I don't mean to toot my own horn, but BOY did I knock this one out of the park!  :D

MouseRug also supplies the fabulous matching mouse pads that people kept asking me about, so double score!

These remarkable products are manufactured with Lextra flock textured graphics technology invented and exclusively made by FiberLok in Fort Collins, Colorado. Finely-detailed and intensely-colored Lextra flock textures are printed without ink—using only pre-dyed nylon fibers and water based adhesive which are combined with high voltage electricity and screen printing.

Inspired by images of ancient hand woven rugs, Lextra MouseRugs and CoasterRugs feature both stunningly beautiful images plus practical and comfortable surfaces that last practically forever. They are a classy way to decorate and personalize your home or office and make perfect gifts.

Special Note: MouseRugs are not recommended for use with mice that use the dark field scanning technology which are intended for use on super-smooth surfaces like glass, and are unable to read irregular surfaces like textiles.  Also not recommended for mice that prefer cheese.  ;)

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