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Wind Chimes

When I started looking for a company to buy wind chimes from, I had to look no farther than the chime in my window, given to me many years before. Fanglasstic's "Light Opera" glass wind chimes are sturdy enough to hang outside or in, and can be strung together to form a flowing chorus of light and sound. The frame is solid brass, hand-dipped twice to retard tarnishing, and delicate pieces of glass cascade into a waterfall. They can usually withstand up to 50 mph wind, (within reason, they don't do well if they have something to bash into, and I've found that an impact with a concrete sidewalk is really not good for them either!) and yet have the most delicate, graceful sound I have ever heard. Light Opera Wind Chimes have been used on relaxation CD's, and enjoyed by people all over the world. I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Call them Fanglasstic and Friends, call them Light Opera Wind Chimes, call them Winter Garden Gallery, a rose by any other name sounds just as gorgeous ... so to speak! They've been called a few names over they years, (all of them good!), but the chimes are just as sweet, and have the same "fanglasstic" quality! Originally from South Carolina, the chimes are now individually hand made in North Carolina.

These windchimes come in three sizes, which can be displayed alone, or hooked together in any combination to form one long chime.

Jules Note:  You may notice that our selection of Light Opera Wind Chimes has gotten a little bit limited as we introduce our new chime line - Jules Tones!  We do still have limited availability shown below of the Light Opera Wind Chimes and we do have the ability to special order, please be prepared for their special order time of 4-6 weeks, and that there has been a price increase.  Please contact me for more information and I'll be happy to help.  Meanwhile, please explore our new line, with more colors (and more pictures) coming soon!  :)