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1999 Byron Rosemont Pendant

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Part of a beautiful collection purchased from a former collector, this box has been carefully checked and is in perfect condition.  ~ Jules


Lord Byron the Gentleman Ladybug!

Artist: Monique Baldwin

Exclusive To: June 1999 ICE Attendees

Made In: England

Status: Event

Carving Date: 1999

Release Date: 6/1/1999

Retirement Date: 6/1/1999

Edition Size: 1,956

Category: Pendant

Dimensions (Inches): 0.75 x 0.94 x 1.3

S e c r e t s

This solid bodied pendant was given to current Royal Watch members attending the International Collectibles Exposition in Rosemont, Illinois, in June 1999, and to those who registered at the show. Lord Byron wears a green jacket and red baseball hat, both with designer HK insignia. Hallmarks include moon and HBC logo.