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Bathing Beauties - 2008 Club Kit

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Secrets: “Bathing Beauties” was meant to be a Steller’s sea lion (Eumetopias Jubatus), but after it was carved, Peter noticed that some of the pictures he had used as reference were of the Californian sea lion (Zalophus Californianus). So he has created a hybrid! During his research, Peter also learned the difference between seals and sea lions. Sea lions have ear tufts and can bend their rear flippers forward, making them more agile on land than seals. “Steller’s” and “Californian” are inscribed on the lid, and the number “34” refers to the number of teeth a sea lion has (unless they’ve eaten too many sweets). Another sea lion appears inside this box figurine, as does the new 2008 year of production hallmark.

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Collection Name: Royal Watch Collector's Club
Subset Name: Club Gift
Exclusive To: 2008/09 Royal Watch Members Only
Made In: England
Status: Timed
Carving Date: 2007
Release Date: 2/6/2008
In Store Date: 4/20/2008
Retirement Date: 12/31/2008
Edition Size: 968
Dimensions (Inches): 2.25 x 3 x 2.5