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Blame Game

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England

Fixed Edition of 500

Release Date: 8/23/20

Secrets from Peter:

It can't be easy being a pangolin. We eat them, sell their body parts as medicines and now also blame them for a world-wide pandemic. My three pangolins are taking a stand against this persecution and sending a plea to that teenage symbol of hope, Ms Thunberg. Around the lid are words and abbreviations that we have become familiar with due to COVID-19. You may also find a hidden bat, in addition to my signature hidden mouse.
We are really excited to announce that we are working with conservation charity Rest Namibia after we were lucky enough to watch a documentary featuring REST founder Maria Diekmann and her work with pangolins during the carving of this piece. REST will have a BLAME GAME to include in the upcoming auction and will also promote Harmony Kingdom on their social media. A percentage of the profits from the sale of this piece will be donated to Rest Namibia who help educate, study and conserve endangered animals, including pangolins.