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Blue Heaven

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Secrets: The dolphins’ method of fishing served as the inspiration for this Box Figurine: the dolphins surround their chosen dinner until all the fish are herded into a compact mass. Here the fish, and Peter’s signature mouse, are seen making a desperate bid for freedom. The Version One edition features six bottle-nosed dolphins and one “dolphin-nosed” bottle, and the interior depicts a group of fish plotting their escape. For the Infinity Version, the bottle is replaced by a seventh dolphin and the interior shows the frogman, whose flippers can be found on the exterior of the box.

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Collection Name: Treasure Jest
Subset Name: Small Treasure Jest
Made In: England
Status: Retired
Carving Date: 2001
Release Date: 1/7/2002
In Store Date: 3/1/2002
Retirement Date: 10/5/2009
Edition Size: 5420
Dimensions (Inches): 2.25 x 2 x 3.25