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Boarding School

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Collection Name: Special Editions
Subset Name: Buying Group Exclusive
Made In: England
Status: Retired
Carving Date: 1996
Release Date: 9/1/1998
Retirement Date: 3/1/1999
Edition Size: 7350
Dimensions (Inches): 2.72 x 1.93 x 1.97

S e c r e t s: This box figurine, featuring 2 dolphins, 2 baleen whales, 1 hammerhead shark and one great white shark, is the first GCC exclusive created by HK. Inside Mad Murphy has found a treasure chest full of money and is indoctrinating an innocent fish into the ways of greed and materialism. The mouse is behind the tail above the base. Hallmarks include diamond, clock face with month 3, HBC logo, and Pc.