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Boom Box

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Animal:  Box Fish

Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Made In: England

Status: Fixed Edition

Carving Date: 2003

Release Date: 5/28/2003

In Store Date: 9/1/2003

Edition Size: 5000

Dimensions (Inches): 2.4 x 3.7 x 2.4


Secrets:  What better fish to turn into a box figurine than the boxfish. Box fish are also known as “Neutron Bomb” fish for the toxic substance they release to protect themselves when frightened. Spring in England is heralded by the call of the cuckoo as it arrives from Africa. Peter Calvesbert spotted one on 22 April, as indicated on the rocks. The interior of the figurine is laid out like an aquarium. “F.L.” stands for Fat Larry, aka “Zoom,” the name of Peter’s goldfish when he lived in London. The mouse is in danger of becoming a boxfish snack.