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Bum Wrap

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Secrets:  The 2002 Black Box echoes the vulture theme of the first Black Box, introduced in 1998. Three vultures feast on a hapless zebra, the perennial wildlife documentary victim. Watching vultures feed, it seems nothing would shock them. Would it be a terrible faux pas to appear suddenly from where the sun don’t shine? Judging from the scowling faces, the book of “Vulture Etiquette” evidently says yes. A pretzel by the wayside remains untouched – having heard of President Bush’s mishap the birds have decided to leave this dangerous morsel alone. The interior shows a hamburger, feather, knife and fork. “20022002” highlights the palindromic nature of this year. Around the inside of the lid are myriad references to fast food. The mouse is located behind a vulture’s leg.

Animal: Vultures

Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Black Box Series

Subset Name: Limited Editions

Made In: England

Status: Limited

Carving Date: 2002

Release Date: 3/21/2002

In Store Date: 6/1/2002

Edition Size: 5000

Dimensions (Inches): 2.34 x 3 x 2.67