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Cat Professional Figurines - Artesania Rinconada

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These fantastic figurines are a perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.  Know a doctor, lawyer, dentist, gardener, or just someone who loves adorable things?  Tah DAH!

Approx. 4.5" tall

Artesania Rinconada (or AR so I don't have to keep typing it) is a beautiful line of animal figurines individually hand made in Uruguay, originally by twin brothers who started in a corner of their house. From what I've found, the company is no longer in business, but their work lives on. The Momager and I had so much fun sorting and unwrapping and oohing and ahhing over these adorable figurines.

This cache of AR treasures was discovered when I purchased the contents of a storage unit from a shop that closed down several years ago. It sat in storage until I purchased the lot. When I tried to find more information about this line I discovered they are VERY hard to find anywhere! They are very limited - most I have one or two at most of - and when they're gone, they're gone forever.