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Bare Bear - Harmony Kingdom - Jules Enchanting Gifts

Bare Bear

$ 75.00

Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England
Carving Date: January 2015
Launch Date: March 2015
Edition Size: 350 - Blue Box Range

Secrets from Peter:

Using animals to ridicule human fashions is fertile ground for me and has resulted in some of my favourite designs.This 'waxed' grizzly bear is the latest in the collection which also includes a tattoed pig, botoxed elephant and caesarean chicken - yes, this probably says something about my sense of humour!

He is proud of his back, sack and crack look and can't wait to show rabbit, muskrat and beaver. The beaver is shocked: "What next? Waxed beavers?!".
This first model for 2015 shows off the new LY Lisa Yashon hallmark. I credit Lisa of Harmony Ball Company in the USA and her business
partner Noel for putting my work 'out there' - without them I would probably have a proper job by now!

The interior is of course the waxed beaver! A Tiny Treasure pendant version. I am unreliably informed that the names carved around the lid are various 'hair' styles in waxing circles! 'Baby Bat', 'Butterfly', 'Martini', 'Chaplin' and 'Xmas Tree'