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Close Shave

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Artist:    Peter Calvesbert
Made In:    England
Status:    Retired
Carving Date:    1996
Release Date:    6/1/1996
Retirement Date:    10/1/1998
Edition Size:    10913
Dimensions (Inches):    2.17 x 2.28 x 2.44
S e c r e t s:
Hedgehogs run rampant in the Cotswolds, much like squirrels in New Hampshire and armadillos in Texas, and they are prone to suffer the same fate in their attempt to cross roadways. This box figurine depicts a near miss. All four hedgehogs nestle atop a bed of leaves, scattered with trinkets and rubbish. The mouse is hiding beneath a leaf near the worm on the base. The tyre of the car that swerved to miss the lucky, shaven fellow is found within the box. A few prototypes show the hedgehogs eating worms. These were removed or covered with leaves on the production pieces. Hallmarks include diamond, clock face with month 2, HBC logo, and Pc.