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Damnable Plot

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Animal: Beavers
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England
Carving Date: 1995
Release Date: 1/1/1995
Retired: 4/1/1999
Edition Size: 16,257
Dimensions (Inches): 2.13 x 2.2 x 2.32

S e c r e t s:
Five busy beavers appear on this box figurine. One of the beavers crushes a discarded beer can; another has a bundle of dynamite clenched in its teeth, planning the 'damnable plot.' The mouse is tucked underneath this devious beaver. Inscribed on the base of this box are Peter’s initials and the date of completion, January 26, 1995. This date is not present on later models due to mould deterioration. '35 Today' was inscribed in the box because Peter finished it on his birthday. Underneath the chin of the seated beaver is another message: 'FRED, DDC, -20'. Peter, an avid golfer, wrote the message in homage to Fred Couples, who scored 20 under par at the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament. Some of the early boxes had 'Claire' and 'Luka' inscribed on the tail of the top beaver, referring to a girl Peter admired from afar, and her dog, Luka. The reference was later removed. On one of the beaver’s feet are the numbers 6 and 7. These stand for the shoe sizes of the beaver (one foot is bigger than the other.) Interior hallmarks include © and HBC logo.