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Holding Court

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Part of a beautiful collection purchased from a former collector, this box has been carefully checked and is in perfect condition with the original box. ~ Jules

Large Treasure Jest
Animal: Penguins
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Made In: England
Carving Date: 1995
Release Date: 4/1/1995
Retirement Date: 5/1/2001
Edition Size: 6,423
Dimensions (Inches): 5.31 x 4.02 x 3.19

S e c r e t s:
Holding Court is the first non-box figurine by Harmony Kingdom. This piece features seventeen birds and graffiti galore. Most of the writing refers to different species of penguins: 'Chinstraps have big heads,' 'Kings eat yellow snow,' 'Gentoos do it every year,' 'Emperor posers,' 'Rockhoppers rule,' 'Gentoos have snow balls.' In the upper left hand corner of the fence is a heart with the initials 'PC' and 'AR'. Also on this fence is a 'Wanted' poster for Mad Murphy, who makes his first appearance here. There is no mouse. 'Holding Court' was originally distributed to dealers as a display stand for brochures, but due to requests from collectors, the piece was made available for resale. The first 334 had no frontal plaque, after which 'Harmony Kingdom' was added to the mould. Hallmarks include © and HBC logo.