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Spin the Bottle

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Animal: Dolphins
Artist: Monique Baldwin
Made In: England
Status: Fixed Edition
Carving Date: 2005
Release Date: 9/30/2005
In Store Date: 2/1/2006
Edition Size: 750
Dimensions (Inches): 1.9 x 2.1 x 2.1

S e c r e t s:
The Bottlenose dolphin is the most common and well-known dolphin species, inhabiting all but the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. They are known for their friendliness and curiosity, yet they are predators and do show aggressive behavior, including fighting among males for rank and access to females. With these traits, it’s not hard to imagine them playing the youthful party game Spin The Bottle. Dolphins would probably show indifference though. They are much too intelligent to engage in such a simple game.