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Fantasy Twist II - Aurora Borialis 65AB

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Ok, picture an oval potato chip.  Now imagine a potato chip that's made out of Austrian Crystal with square cut facets.  You with me?  Now hold the top and bottom and gently twist in opposite directions.  That's what the Fantasy Twist II is.  I know, I know, the description probably isn't the best, but this shape really is one of the most stunning shapes I've ever seen in a crystal.  The first time I got them in they sold out within a day and I immediately ordered more.  I order about twice as many of this design as any of the others, and my customers seem to really appreciate it!

These Crystals will brighten any room. Hang them where the sun will shine through and send rainbows all over your room. As far as rainbows go, the general rule of thumb to follow is: the more facets there are, the more rainbows, the bigger the facet the bigger the rainbow.

The Aurora Borealis (AB) coating makes crystals sparkle just a little more, and spin just a little bit brighter rainbows.